Historical evenings to commemorate the 16th Century Protestant Reformation

2017—A significant year

The 31st October 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the posting by Martin Luther of his notable 95 theses on the university church door in Wittemburg.

Many will be commemorating this landmark event during the coming year and recalling the benefits and blessings of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century. The Reformers themselves will be remembered with thanksgiving while prayer will be made at the same time for the Lord to move afresh in our country in Reforming and Reviving power and grace.

It is appropriate that we join in those commemorations and so we plan to hold five history evenings as listed. A number of local speakers will participate as we focus on the ‘5 Solas’ of the Reformation and link a Reformer with each one, though of course at heart all the Reformers propounded and held fast to each one of these simple yet profound words.

Please pray for God’s blessing on these meetings and accept our warm invitation to join us.

Each meeting begins at 7.30pm and is held at Hailsham Baptist Church

on the following Friday evenings


February 3rd

Scripture Alone—Mr Roger Cook (Hailsham)


May 5th

Grace Alone—Pastor Peter Gadsden (Bexhill)


July 7th

Faith Alone—Pastor Howard Sayers (Hailsham)


October 13th

Christ Alone—Mr Martin Cook (Hailsham)


December 8th

God’s Glory Alone—Pastor Howard Sayers (Hailsham)


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