• Standing for God’s Word and declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Hailsham in the 21st Century



    Welcome to the website of Hailsham Baptist Church. We hope you will enjoy browsing our site and will find something to both interest and be a blessing to you. Find your way around the site by using the menu at the left of each page.


    We are a group of Christians who hold to the Reformed Faith and practice the baptism of believers by immersion. The sole basis of our faith and practice is the Holy Bible which we accept as God’s personal communication to all mankind. Our worship is therefore simple and focuses on Praise, Prayer, Reading and also Preaching the Bible’s message of salvation which as emphasised at the time of the Reformation is summarised in five plain statements that...


    ...we are saved by God’s Grace alone, ...through Faith alone, ...in Christ alone, ...according to Scripture alone, ...to God’s Glory alone.


    We are also convinced that it is our responsibility before God to engage in both local and international evangelism and therefore take an interest in both home and foreign missions.


    Please click on what we believe for a fuller statement of our articles of faith and belief.





  • Church Calendar

    Thursday 21st September
    3:30pm   Woodside Hall Nursing Home
    7:30pm   Day One Deputation Visit ...John Roberts

    Friday 22nd September
    7:30pm   Men's Study Group

    Monday 25th September
    7:30pm   Gordon Rd Ev Ch Reformation Study

    Wednesday 27th September
    10:15am   Ladies Fellowship

    Thursday 28th September
    2:30pm   Filsham Lodge Nursing Home Meeting
    7:00pm   Pastor @ Wiveslfield
    7:30pm   Midweek Meeting led by Roger Cook

    Friday 29th September

    Rachel @ Pastor Wives Conference

    Saturday 30th September

    Rachel @ Pastor Wives Conference

    Tuesday 3rd October
    3:00pm   Quinnell House Meeting


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